WordPress MOT inspection

The WordPress CMS is very popular to build a website with and due to this popularity unfortunately a lot goes wrong in WordPress for business. With all due respect for everyone who is busy building websites, but many WordPress builders are actually not seasoned web developers who can weigh choices and possibilities well. That is why there is now the WordPress MOT test.

How to gain more insight into your own website?

WordPress MOT Inspection offers a solution if you cannot (or no longer) assess the situation of your WordPress website yourself or if you want an opinion from a third party. You can also view this WordPress MOT test as a “Second opinion”.

The items that this inspection must consist of for you are included in the sharpest possible quote. We often need a WordPress admin login and sometimes also access to the web hosting itself. If you want an opinion about it

Free first analysis of your website

WordPress MOT inspection starts with a free initial analysis. Send a message with an explanation about the website. This is of course free of obligation.