WordPress management Outsourcing

Managing a website is a serious task, which must also be carried out at least once a month. If you don’t have time for that, you can outsource the WordPress management to AVD Projects!

Competitive management price from: € 24 per month

The management of your WordPress website from 24 euros per month where I use my +20 years of experience. This temporary price applies to a one-year collaboration.

I manage your WordPress website with full attention which includes:

  • speed analysis and implement improvements;
    Manage WordPress plugins (weekly updating and testing)
  • Duplicator Pro website backups that do not require the intervention of the hosting party;
  • website security via the WordFence plugin. I also configure it optimally;
  • improve content and findability (SEO);
  • in addition to management, I am willing to make 1 small change per month, such as changing text, replacing a photo ect. (major changes / extensions via quotation).

Note about the WordFence and Duplicator Pro plugins:
If you want to be optimally protected up-to-date with the paid version of WordFence, then there are approximately 99 euro license costs involved. I manage the Duplicator Pro license as long as I provide this service to you. After cancellation you can decide yourself to take a Duplicator Pro license.

WordPress management outsourcing checklist

The following items are required to manage your WordPress website:

  • WordPress admin rights via an email address provided by me;
  • optional access to your web hosting;
  • if there are problems describing these at the start;
  • an analysis of the website by myself through the logins mentioned above to determine whether I can actually guarantee management;

I keep the login details safe during our collaboration, as soon as one of us cancels, I destroy these logins.