About me


Hello I am Arjan

I came into contact with the internet in 2001 when I was asked to accept a job in a tech startup. From that moment on I experienced the growth of the internet. I saw the search engines like Hotbot passed by the newcomer named Google. And when the first book on search engine optimization (SEO) was published in the Netherlands, I quickly grabbed a copy and read it several times. I realized that SEO is much needed to be found by the search engine spiders and that’s how I became a web builder with an SEO heart. In the field of websites I have built my entire career many small and large website, rebuilt and optimized for search engine marketing.

e-Health and HL7

HL7 is a protocol for information transfer in healthcare between multiple systems or devices and is used worldwide. The HL7 protocol is a very comprehensive set of agreements on how information is exchanged and this requires the necessary experience both in theory and in practice.

In recent years as an employee I worked at Netbasics B.V. a company specializing in healthcare and where e-Health applications and HL7 links are important. I have been at the basis of an HL7 communication interface which allows a web server to communicate through TCP/IP networks with other HL7 applications.


In June 2018, after moving to Germany for my beloved, I started as an independent web builder under the name AVD Projects. As a starter, I have a few plans on the shelf that I want to focus on to help others move forward. One such plan is with WordPress CMS to realize good websites that serve the intended objectives as well as possible.

HL7 Consultant

Are you looking for an HL7 consultant or do you have work in the field of HL7 implementations? Feel free to contact with me.