WordPress management and search engine optimization

Managing WordPress websites, improving performance and search engine optimisations to make websites better found, that is what I enjoy doing as a driven freelancer!

I have been working as a web developer and technical consultant for over 20 years, so I know very well what website optimization is about, and where results can be achieved. My name is: Arjan van Dongen.

WordPress management

WordPress has my preference for the construction of a new website. It is not without reason that CMS is the most used to build a website, but it still needs maintenance. Outsourcing WordPress management is a good option to have time for more important tasks yourself.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a super nice website is not enough if potential visitors cannot find it. I am happy to help you in an appropriate form for your company to be ‘found online’.

Web Management

With Web Management you can count on me for regular maintenance of your website and your web hosting. My experience and attention to detail means that I recognize and respond to potential issues.